The best credit redemption company

You have too many credits and your current debt ratio is too high? Our rigor and our experience allow us to offer you the purchase of credit for owner or tenant that suits you best. Do not wait, a credit redemption or credit consolidation can allow you to balance your budget again. The benefits of New Loan, Credit Redemption Company […]

Home loan: a facade rise.

The report of the CSA / Astro Finance observatory for October 2015 reports an increase of 3 basis points in the average mortgage loan rate. But as this same report explains, this is only an illusion because this mathematical result represents the influx of first-time buyers on the housing market. Good Finance announced in a previous press release that many […]

Credit without proof of work.

The classic proof of work consists of a certificate from the employer that the applicant has a permanent job without notice. Since employees do not like to inform their boss about a planned borrowing, financial institutions recognize the employment contract or the pay slip as proof of work. Self-employed persons can provide a copy of the trade certificate as proof […]